Frequently asked questions about Python Fiddle

Is this technology FOSS?
Yes, the python runtime is MIT licensed, available at github, and Python Fiddle is a part of the GPL licensed Fiddle Salad project.
Does this work on all browsers?
Python Fiddle works with all modern browsers. Nevertheless, Chrome is highly recommended for performance reasons.
Are there any copyright restrictions on Fiddles?
By default, all content is open source, just like a blog or forum post is public domain. This is intended to be a community site for open source programmers, because Open source communities are always the best sources of accurate and up-to-date content. In addition, sharing works best with open source code. On the other hand, the poster is free to enforce any licensing restrictions, just add it to the description.
How long will my code be available on Python Fiddle?
Every fiddle will remain here unless it is marked as a test. You can safely link to any fiddle, since all URLs are permanent.
Where do I contact the developers for this site?
Send all suggestions to python_fiddle at twitter. Package requests and bug reports are also welcome.
What is the Python version?
This is Python version 2.7.2. For documentation, see